Le Parc Thermal - 20-hectares of park and gardens

Le Parc Thermal - 20-hectares of park and gardens

Relax amongst century-old trees

The legend of Melusina

Today open to the public, the 20-hectare grounds with beautiful trees and manicured French gardens around the Pavillon Rose, and further on an English garden, links Les Thermes du Connétable, Le Spa Source, the solarium, the pomade and corrective make-up workshops and the golf course.

This vast delightful park is the main site for access to the thermal waters. The water systems feeding the two spas, Le Spa Source and the refreshment stand in the town centre start in the park.

In the 1930s, when Les Thermes du Connétable opened, hedges surrounded the park and there was a wood gate for access. Only spa guests were admitted entrance to the park and were allowed to park their vehicles.

Lovely gardens have been created in front of the Pavilion Rose. Relaxation is the motto of this peaceful green corner of La Roche-Posay.