Les Thermes du Connétable - an oriental touch

Les Thermes du Connétable - an oriental touch

The desire to build a thermal spa worthy of the name!

Inaugurated in 1932

Built opposite Avenue Benjamin Bord as a tribute to the person who restructured the first thermal water company, this spa met the ambitions of the owners to give the town a thermal spa worthy of the name. At the time, Le Connétable spa, surrounded by hedges and high gates and vines, was highly praised. The first stone was laid in 1927 and the building was inaugurated in 1932, a proud moment for the owners, the Société Thermal de la Roche-Posay.

Fashionable architecture

The task was assigned to the architect Allengry and decorator Paul Audra who were unmistakably inspired by the 1930s Vichy thermal spa and the oriental influence with a pagoda-shaped roof. Oriental features were very fashionable in architecture at the time. The frescoes, still existing during the Second World War, have been damaged by humidity and insufficient maintenance. New frescoes were created by another architect in 1991.

The interior underwent substantial modifications at the beginning of the 1990s. The decoration of the reception is now black and gold and a lift was added. New frescoes representing the life of Radegund decorate the walls.

In the past, before the spa provided robes and towels, spa visitors made their way from their apartments to the spa on foot in their bath robes.

The name Connétable is associated with Duguesclin who was a French constable and military advisor to the King, despite the fact he never visited La Roche-Posay. At least we have no trace.