Les Thermes Saint Roch - the former Hôtel Central

Les Thermes Saint Roch - the former Hôtel Central

The only competition for Les Thermes du Connétable before the creation of the thermal spa company

Unauthorised opening 

The owner of the Hôtel Central in the 1880s, Monsieur Roch, renamed this establishment after the legend of Saint Roch in 1935. The saint is featured in the stained-glass windows in La Roche-Posay church. Prior to that, in 1933, he opened a thermal spa without authorisation after sources were discovered in the garden, creating a competitor for Les Thermes du Connétable.

The birth of the spa company, Société Thermale

The name Thermes Saint Roch dates back to 1955. Mr. Fath, an entrepreneur acquired the two rival spas after the decease of Dr. Benjamin Bord in 1952 and Mr. Roch in 1953, uniting the two establishments under the same company name, Société Thermale de La Roche-Posay.