Organise your spa break in a few steps

Organise your spa break in a few steps

Just a few steps…

1 - Your GP or specialist prescribes your treatment

  • Complete the funding request questionnaire, revenue declaration and send your application to your local health service centre.
  • It takes between three and five weeks for your request to be approved by the health service.
  • Don't forget to ask about the levels of financing covered by your private health insurance policy.

Complete the administrative application for funding (CERFA form).

2 - Choose the dates for your treatment

Les Thermes Saint Roch is open from 16 January to 16 December 2017, including public holidays. Les Thermes du Connétable is open from 13 March to 18 November 2017, including public holidays. Choose your dates.

If possible, do not choose dates during school holidays to avoid longer waiting times between each treatment.

Click here for the calendar of peak times to help you choose your dates.

3 - Book your accommodation

La Roche-Posay has a wide choice of accommodation: hotels, aparthotels, cottage or apartment lets, B&Bs, campsites, etc.

Choose your accommodation.

4 - Choose your spa doctor

Your spa doctor will give you a filiform shower with thermal water every day during your stay. Consultations are held in the doctor's surgery. Your doctor may be replaced by another doctor during your stay.

Les Thermes send your doctor your treatment programme.

Depending on the doctor you choose, your treatment will either take place at Les Thermes St Roch or Les Thermes du Connétable. For more information about the two centres

List of spa doctors.

5 - Complete and send the registration form

You can either:

You will receive confirmation of your registration from the spa about two weeks before you arrive, with the date and time of your first treatment.