Dermatology treatments

Dermatology treatments


Eczema is the main skin condition treated at La Roche-Posay, concerning 29% of patients.

Pruritic dermatoses, more commonly known as eczema conditions, often cause insomnia and present a constant risk of secondary infection and the development of lichen planus lesions.

For who?

Atopic dermatitis

Contact, professional and infectious eczema

Varicose, perineal and genital eczema


– reduces the frequency of attacks

– less patches and itchiness

– improves sleep

– less costly medication.

The Thermes offer four to seven spa treatments using only La Roche-Posay water every day.


Psoriasis is one of the main conditions treated in La Roche-Posay, and concerns 28% of patients. Often associated with stress, psoriasis is an unpredictable and unattractive skin condition. The erythemato-squamous lesions caused by the disorder can cause great suffering.

For who?

Extended or light psoriasis, even during an acute attack

Irritated or pruriginous psoriasis

Psoriasis affecting joints

Nail or scalp psoriasis

Children suffering from psoriasis

Arthropathy and rheumatic psoriasis


Skin becomes whiter

Less frequent attacks

Alternative therapy

Slow withdrawal from steroid medication

Psychological help which is often beneficial