Obesity surgery recovery therapy


Gastric bands, sleeves, bypass…obesity surgery often leaves disabling skin problems.

Recovery from bariatric surgery: bypass, sleeve, band

> Dry skin, xerosis

> Less elastic and flaccid skin

> Scarring from coelioscopy inflammation, retractile and associated pruritus

> Reactivation of chronic skin conditions: psoriasis, eczema, etc.

> Nail and skin deterioration

> Recovering positive personal body image

> Insomnia, depression

> Medical, psychological and social follow-up: sport, diet, etc.

Preparation for reconstructive surgery for patients planning cosmetic modifications to the stomach, breasts, arms or thighs:

> Prepares the skin for surgery and increases elasticity

> Stimulates vein and lymph circulation

After cosmetic reconstructive surgery:

> Accelerates scar healing

> Reduces fibrosis and inflammatory, retractile, adherent and bridle scarring

> Accelerates functional recovery after surgery

> Prevents and reduces œdema in members of the upper and lower body

> Reduces pain

> Relearn how to appreciate you body image


The road is complex and full of obstacles for patients suffering from obesity: diets, surgery, loss of motivation, etc.

Spa therapy provides a restorative breather during which the patient can rest, refocus and take care of their body and their skin.

A programme of skin-based treatments in the morning, and weight-bearing treatments in the afternoon improves the skin (quality and elasticity), functional condition (less pain and medication), and psychological condition (body image, relaxation, improved quality of sleep).