Category 1. Labels: Qualité Tourisme and Tourisme et Handicap.

Category 1. Labels: Qualité Tourisme and Tourisme et Handicap.

La Roche-Posay Tourist and Spa Information Centre commits to:

  • Providing an easily accessible area for receiving all visitors with access to comprehensive information.
  • Simplifying visitors' research and bookings.
  • Providing seating in the Centre.
  • Providing free information about services for tourists.
  • Displaying opening hours in at least two foreign languages.
  • Providing free internet access and WiFi connection.
  • Being open at least 305 days per year, including Saturday and Sunday during peak tourist and event periods.
  • Answering your mail all year round.
  • Receiving tourists in at least two foreign languages.
  • Providing printed tourist maps and guides.
  • Providing access to the Centre's trilingual website, adapted to mobile devices.
  • Providing printed tourist information translated in to at least two foreign languages for:
  • classified accommodation including at least: name of the establishment, postal address, email address, website, phone numbers, classification; cultural, natural and tourist monuments and attractions with prices, opening hours, website, phone numbers and postal address; events and entertainment; emergency telephone numbers.
  • Updating information annually.
  • Displaying emergency telephone numbers outside the premises.
  • Presenting all tourists services to all members of the public.
  • Providing information about availability in classified accommodation establishments.
  • Handling tourists' complaints and measuring satisfaction.
  • Proposing tourist information with new information and communication technology: social networks, mobile phones, geolocation, etc.
  • Respecting Qualité Tourisme label standards.
  • Providing personnel to advise you about your trip.
  • Guaranteeing reliable and up-to-date tourist information.

We are here to help you!

The Qualité Tourisme™ label is the result of the quality project carried out by the Tourist Information Centre in accordance with obligatory national commitments. The label is awarded by the Offices de Tourisme de France for a period of three years. The label covers all the Tourist Information Centre's activities: greeting visitors,  relations with authorities and professionals, promotion and sales of tourist services, event organisation and promotion, management, the shop.

The Tourist Information Centre has successfully met 200 quality standards.

The Qualité Tourisme™ label, registered by the French Ministry for Tourism, guarantees quality for tourists. The label unites all the quality processes undertaken by the tourist sector.

The label aims to improve the communication of information about tourist services and attractions. The many benefits include:

  • enhanced service to visitors;
  • recognition of the quality and professionalism of the Tourist Information Centre's activities;
  • promotion of La Roche-Posay as an attractive destination;
  • the implication of other service providers, encouraging them to participate in such a process.

Greeting all members of the public

The Tourist and Spa Information Centre provides suitable access to all tourists with special needs associated with motor, mental, visual and hearing handicaps.

The label is a sign of a solid commitment to the effective reception of disabled tourists. It promotes the development of tourist services accessible to all members of the public, providing disabled tourists with optimal autonomy in establishments bearing the label.

As part of a project which lasted over a year, the whole reception team received comprehensive training about the needs of disabled tourists. The team is very proud to have received the label, and hence to be able to promote the improvement of the reception of all members of the public.